Well, I lifted up to God and boy did He deliver!

I got the news today that I need to be in Chicago in less then 1 week. WOW! They are still working on the details, so I won’t post that until they are firmed up tomorrow and I am able to make a more detailed schedule page…. But WOW!!!

I am so very lucky to be given this gift. A gift that will God willing stop the progression of my MS, allow me to be on the front end of what could eventually be labeled as the cure to MS… I am speechless. I am blessed and I am of course a nervous.

As soon as I got word last week that my insurance was approved, I started feverishly trying to get things in order. Not knowing how soon I may have to leave, I started buying chemo hats, all new toiletries and a number of other things I listed on the packing list tab. I shopped for Rosies clothes, so she would have both warm and cool outfits for the ever changing Texas weather. I bought some ridiculous items while I was heavily medicated getting my IVIG treatment…… Why yes, I absolutely need Jo Malone bath products from Neiman Marcus…… Again, heavily medicated.

So with the help of my parents and Fran, my dentist, my very good friends here in SA, my wonderful coworkers and work family… I will be ready to leave in less then a week. WOW!

Shocked in San Antonio

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